Feb. 22 NYS3 Presents Sabrina Le Beauf

Posted 2.19.13

Unlike most of the stars in the famous Cosby Show, Sabrina Le Beauf had already graduated from the Yale School of Drama by the time she joined the cast. You probably remember her as the beloved eldest daughter in the sitcom, Sondra Huxtable.

On Friday, February 22 at 7 p.m., attend a presentation by the star as part of the “NYS3 Presents” series.

Sabrina has made a career out of acting for stage as well as television. Her television credits include the voice of Norma Bindlebeep on the Nick@Nite animated series Fatherhood; the host of In Your Own Backyard, the host for E! Style Television’s Homes with Style, and the east coast correspondent/host for the Oregon Public Television series Smart Gardening.

Her lead roles around the country and abroad have led her to perform at The Shakespeare Theater in D.C. and the Royal Shakespeare Company in England.

“NYS3 Presents” is a free, ongoing, salon-style talk series that welcomes the greater WNC community to attend a talk given by a leader in the world of arts, media, or entertainment.

NYS3 is located at 2002 Riverside Drive, Studio 42-0 in Asheville. For more information and to RSVP, visit nys3.com.