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Stories and photos by Paul M. Howey
“Your work is so much like encaustic,” her mentor observed. Julia didn’t know what that was, but her insatiable curiosity led her to delve into researching the history of encaustic painting. She quickly began to realize this was a medium she needed to learn. “I took my first workshop (and) immediately fell in love with the wax.” She follows a process of layering, painting encaustic wax, and then fusing each layer with heat.
By Paul M. Howey
Terry Kirkland Cook paints with acrylics and oils, but says she much prefers working with pastels. And she also works as a professional photographer. So realistic are her paintings that people are often unable to discern between them and her photographs. Terry has had no formal training in either field. She says she feels that God led her to get her horses “so that I could be inspired to be a true artist. I had the gift all along, but never did anything to utilize it or perfect it… The horses turned that switch on.”  


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